Hi, I'm Charlotte.

Iā€™m passionate about healthy living, and all of the adventures that those choices entail.

I've been inspired to create this site because of all the incredible brands and people I meet through my career and my travels, and with RAW + BASIC as a meeting spot, it's my intention to share all of that inspiration with you. Whether it's eco travel with (or without!) your kids, healthy snack ideas, the best all-natural lip glosses, or how to organize your small space, my hope is that this site will have a little something for anyone motivated to live a little cleaner, and a whole lot happier.  I'm far from perfect and I promise to keep things real, raw and basic.

My RAW + BASIC Retreats were both a natural progression and a sudden epiphany.  I was watching everyone struggle with all-consuming stress, and I realized I could replicate the international yoga retreats that I had hosted in places like Nicaragua & Mexico right here in Toronto by creating community and holding space for all of us to thrive.

At present I offer Monthly 3hr Wellness Retreats as well as special events and private curated experiences.  Please reach out for any additional info.  I look forward to connecting with you all on and off the mat!