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The Best Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipes

The Best Vegan Cheese Sauce Recipes

Considering the cold, wet, and grey weather we’ve been enjoying lately, I’d say it’s officially the start of Comfort Food Season, and what better way to celebrate than with a warm bowl of everyone’s favourite; Mac ‘n Cheese!

This comfort food OG has come along way since I remember it, and as a plant-based eater I am always excited when I happen upon vegan cheese sauce recipes to help make my family’s favourite Fall dish taste just right.

While store bought sauces are always an option, with a good recipe it’s easy to cook your own. Make sure to keep a supply of nutritional yeast on hand, (I like THIS one), as it’s often the main ingredient in non-dairy cheese substitutes, and a great source of vitamin B12.

Check out my list of favourite vegan cheese recipes below and get ready for some creamy, cozy goodness!

  1. Hot For Food Nacho Cheese Sauce

    Made with potatoes, carrots, and other yummy plant based ingredients, this cheesy, gooey sauce bears an uncanny resemblance to the nacho sauce I remember from my youth. We tried it with blue corn chips and chunks of grilled tempeh, and gave it two enthusiastic (and sticky!) thumbs up. This cookbook is one of my faves and is chock full of it’s namesake - Vegan Comfort Classics.

  2. Fresh Restaurants Miso Gravy

    So this one is not exactly a cheese sauce as the title indicates, but I have made it many times and used it in place of cheese sauce over macaroni, and let me tell you it is SO, SO, GOOD (thank you Fresh Restaurants!). Plus you know how I love all things fermented, miso is full of gut-happy goodness, as well as proteins, vitamins, & minerals.

  3. Oh She Glows All Purpose Vegan Cheese Sauce

    Another fan favourite, this sauce uses cashews and nutritional yeast (both common vegan substitutes for cheese) and is gosh darn delicious. We have some nut-free eaters at our table at times, so I’ve made use of the suggested substitute of an extra scoop of nutritional yeast in place of the cashews, to make the sauce nut-free.

  4. Bunners Mac & Cheese

    I have ordered this tasty take-out item many a time for me and my little one, so I was super excited to get the Bunners Cook Book and learn how to make it for myself. I like the use of butternut squash, and we almost always have those Daiya shreds on hand, while the breadcrumb topping adds a real nostalgic feel and ups the comfort ante.

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