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Superfood Thanksgiving Smoothie Recipe

Superfood Thanksgiving Smoothie Recipe

Well Fall is officially here and with it comes the celebration of Thanksgiving, a weekend when we generally gather ‘round with family and friends and eat a whole lot of yummy goodness! In preparation for what will be some pretty epic meals upcoming, I thought I’d shared one of my favourite morning smoothie recipes. I’m a firm believer in balance, and I enjoy getting some extra nutrients in early, when I know I’m going to indulge later in the day (hello pumpkin pie & ice cream!). This smoothie is super easy to make, and can be as paired down or as pumped up with extra additions as you like.

Superfood Thanksgiving Smoothie Recipe

Smoothie Ingredients:

1 banana

1 cup frozen organic raspberries

Aprox 1.5 cups non-dairy milk

1 serving of plant based protein powder

Toppings & Tinctures:

1/3 cup coconut chips

1/3 cup raw cacao

1/3 cup hemp hearts

Medicinal mushroom tincture



1 medium chilled mason jar

1 reusable/paper straw

Small spoon

Blend smoothie ingredients and pour into chilled mason jar (a jam jar size is perfect for a single serving). Add tincture and powdered probiotics and top with coconut chips, hemp hearts, and raw cacao. For the smoothie in the image use a small handful of berries, edible flower and chia or flax seeds. Add straw and ENJOY!! Oh and you’ll need that small spoon for scooping up all the extra superfood goodness at the end.

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