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De-Puffing Beauty Tips & Tricks

De-Puffing Beauty Tips & Tricks

As a model and a mom, I have to be careful that my parental job doesn’t impact my paying gigs in any detrimental way, so making sure I arrive on set with #skingoals is of utmost importance. But how to look fresh faced and dewy skinned when you are a single mom entrepreneur with a 6 year old to care for? So many of us are balancing the work/home life hustle, and who wouldn’t want to benefit from a couple of skin saving tips and tricks. I’ve road tested many goodies, and am listing some of my favourite products below. Remember that sleep and proper hydration are key, so balancing caffeine (and alcohol!) consumption with good ‘ole h20 is a great way to stay on top of tired skin, as well as sleep supplements (more on that in a later article!), like Botanica Health’s Sleep thru, and Well Told Health’s Relaxation Booster, to facilitate proper rest.

Top De-Puffing Beauty Products:

  1. Radford 24K Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask

    These little gems are an absolute lifesaver for reducing dreaded under-eye puffiness. I pop a pair of these puppies on a couple of hours before a shoot and voila, my late-night-icing-brownies-for-the-school-bake-sale is barely detectable.

  2. Province Apothecary Dual-Action Jade Facial Roller

    I’ve written about this jade roller before, and I will continue to include it in my must-have roundups, because this thing is beauty gold (well jade actually!). I use it morning and night to smooth and sooth my skin, ward off wrinkles and to tone and firm my skin.

  3. Body Blitz Sheet Masks

    I’m firmly on board with this sheet mask trend, particularly with a cure-all 3 pack like this one. I like to stick one on while I’m netflixing; I massage the remaining serum in as directed and then my skin is prepped and ready for bed!

  4. Dr. Roebucks Bondi Hydrating Mist

    I love being able to add a little extra hydration to my tired skin with a facial spritz, and this one is a definite favourite thanks to the smells-like-the-islands coconutty scent, and the sheer volume of the mist (no wimpy sprays here!). Perfect for travel or combatting the morning after…

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