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My Morning Beauty Routine - Winter Edition!

My Morning Beauty Routine - Winter Edition!

While I’d love to say my morning routine begins with a luxurious dip in my soaker tub surrounded by a forest of luscious plants, that simply isn’t the case. However just because my condo bathroom doesn’t resemble a home spa, doesn’t mean I can’t replicate elements of mindfulness and ritual into my morning routine. I find setting my alarm 15 minutes earlier than I need to be up to get my little guy ready for school is the key to (uninterrupted!) success.

Step 1: Wake To My Sunrise Alarm Clock.

I love my sunrise alarm clock so much, particularly during the darker winter months. The light feature starts to brighten 30 minutes before my alarm goes off, so my body is gradually woken by a simulated sunrise. Much nicer than scrambling to silence a harsh beeping in the pitch darkness that is 6:30am!

Step 2: Enjoy The Ritual Of Gently Cleansing My Face

I am currently alternating between using my Wyld Skincare konjac sponge and a cleanser like Clear Life’s Cleansing Milk, and a muslin cloth and a gently exfoliating cleanser like this one from Etymologie. I take my time (this is where those extra minutes come in!) and breathe in the scent of the product I am using or notice the sensation of the cloth or sponge on my skin.

Step 3: Dry Brushing

Once my face is dry, I use province apothecary’s dry brush (click here for their directions) to exfoliate, and detoxify my skin.

Step 4: A Spritz Of Toner

I am switching between Omorovicza’s Queen of Hungary Mist, Sahajan Balance Toner and Graydon’s Face Food for extra hydration to combat the winter dryness!

Step 5: Possibly My Favourite Step, Facial Massage & Jade Roller

Again a great how to here, on Province Apothecary’s site. I am using their facial serum, as well as Sea Berry Therapy Seed Oil. Graydon Superfood Serum, and Wildcraft Facial Serum.

Apres massage I take great joy in using my jade roller, again PA has us covered with how to here!

Step 6: Mouth Wash, Brush Teeth, Apply Deodorant & Body Oil

I am always looking for natural routes to oral health, and am presently using John Addison Organic Oral Rinse, as well as Theodoent toothpaste, and Kaia Naturals Nordik Frost Deodorant. I am loving Weleda’s Pomegranate Body Oil for all over softness.

After all this I greet my little guy in my bed for cuddles, and then begin our day together with a simple gratitude meditation.

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