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My Top Face Saving Balms & Creams To Fight Winter

My Top Face Saving Balms & Creams To Fight Winter

If you have the pleasure of living through this season’s perpetual polar vortex like I am then you’ll feel my pain when I say that my skin is literally tearing from the weather. Whipping winds, falling ice pellets and frigid temps are causing some serious wear and tear on my face, so I’m taking things seriously when it comes to rescue and protection. Check out my top picks for natural beauty creams and balms below!

  1. *8 Faces Boundless Solid Oil

    This pretty pot of organic super food enriched solid oil has been a literal lifesaver. While I love the aesthetics of the gold outlined logo and the simple packaging, it’s what’s inside that truly counts. Made with Amla berry which is rich in vitamin C, the oil boosts collagen and protects my skin - not only on my face, but also my hands and cuticles too.

  2. *Province Apothecary Hydrating Rescue Balm

    I’ve entrusted my skin to Province Apothecary’s knowledgeable care for sometime now, but this is the first winter that I’ve felt compelled to seek extra protection from the elements. Thankfully the brand’s hydrating rescue balm has been nourishing and healing torn and dry patches without further irritation, thanks to organic ingredients like Canadian beeswax and omega rich oils.

  3. Zorah Yepa Thermal Protection Winter Cream

    I'll admit I got a little carried away with my love for oils & serums and forgot to layer up when the season started - thankfully I remembered this gem of a cream and am getting instant relief from incorporating it daily into my beauty routine. Based in Montreal, this organic beauty brand is familiar with the cold, and this cream is specially formulated with nourishing argan oil to protect against Canadian winters.

  4. Indie Lee Squalane Facial Cream

    I love the feel of this nourishing cream on my skin and find it particularly soothing after I come in from the cold - I can almost feel my thirst quenched skin saying Thank You! Easily absorbed squalane oil, helps hydrate, while rosehip seed oil is helps defend delicate skin from winter winds and other environmental stressors.

    *I’ve tried these balms on my little one, and use them to protect his cheeks and lips!

    **Honourable mention goes to Weleda Skin Food… not officially a facial balm, but I’ve been using the ultra rich cream on particularly dry spots to soothe & heal!

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